Nature Sounds

Being composed as you read this - although the general theme of this page, in the very near future, will be the inclusion of a dedicated 'Nature Sounds' audio player which will provide a selection of some of my own accoustic loops of relaxing, cosy, ambient sound mixes - like for example...waves gently breaking on a beach at night, with the crackle and spits of a beach bonfire, the patter of rain on a canvas canopy or the sound of wind chimes, with the distant rumble of a thunderstorm somewhere out to sea - and so on.

For now, here are a few YouTube videos centered around the same topic:

...and if you relate - as I do - to this stuff - "kick back and enjoy... why don't you"

Enigma – “Rain Song”.   N/B: The photo still's that accompany this video are stunning.

Thunderstorm & Rain in the Forest

Sounds of Rain & Cicadas

Sunset on the Beach

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