Wednesday, 13 October 2010

"Give me a wave"

All this Catalonian fisherman had was his rod, bait tin, chair, a bottle of water and plenty of hope. All he wanted was a fish or two for supper. I captioned this image “Give me a wave”. It struck me as being a worthy metaphor for the encouragement and well wishes this solitary, hungry guy could probably do with while he sat out here alone at the end of a vast concrete jetty, on a stormy grey old day in Barcelona's Port Olympic district.

I spent a couple of hours out here watching this guy at work while the waves exploded around him, before setting off on a four hundred mile journey to the north coast of Spain. At the time of leaving, he hadn't landed a single fish. I often wonder whether his luck changed that day. I very much hope so.

On the 21st October 2010, this image appeared on the BBC World News website under a photography interpretation theme entitled "Fish".  Here is the link:

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