Monday, 14 February 2011

"Happy Boggatine's Day!!"

On a day which often showcases the most original and romantically creative efforts by some of us, I thought this was a pretty original piece of creative short filming...

And the next video made me chuckle, not least because I'm a long term fan and collector of this series of greetings cards, so this is one I posted to 'me' earlier...

For those who can - and choose to - "Have a warm and pleasurable evening together".

For those that can't - "Enjoy the 'footy match'.."

And...for those who cocked up and forgot altogether - "Get well soon!"


Steve said...

I want to have the Cisco's babies. Right now.

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Ha Ha Ha 'Steve the Cisco Kid'...I just knew you would. The brochure's in the post! Have a good 'smooch' with your 'Spice of my life my love!" Xx

the fly in the web said...

Here it is 'friendship day'.

We have an appointment with our lawyer...female.
Office overflowing with flowers.
Lawyer to Mr. Fly
'Did you give your wife flowers today?'
Mr Fly, startled awake
'Whatever for?'
'It's friendship day.'
'I'm friends with flowers...I don't pick them.'

Joey Polanski said...

I hope the boy & girl in that top filmski don't miss having their own separate pads.

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Now that’s what I call a ‘licentious lyric’ Mme Fly.

And as for ‘Friendship Day’ (LoL’s)

Are you both quite sure it’s not ‘Wit Monday’ already?

At least Mr Fly most knows when to ‘pick’ his tactical strike moment.

Attack being the best form of defence - Et Cetera..Cetera.

And “Gladiolus-Tulipa-Rosa’s”…to you too - Mr Fly!!

With my deepest respects to you both – P.

P.S. When is Valentines Day by the way?

It must be fairly soon because they’re going on about it so much on the damn radio’s over here….

And my wife’s started to frown at me quite darkly…‘all’ the time. Which I seem to remember was a ‘warning’ last time – not a ‘sulk’. (?)

But now I’m not all that sure…!


Bish Bosh Bash said...

Ha Ha Ha HahhSki! and welcome backiskiski!!

I'm sure they managed to 'flip' back and forth between their respective pads ok. Thumb it as to speakski.

An DOONA forget you still owe me a dressing downski!!! - for failing to interperet your previous commentski re: 'Hefnerski' and the fille's and femmes scenario.

Put me out of my intellectually obliterated miseryski......Please-Ski !!!

I wanna get some sleepski..

You bluddy gitski.

Ayak said...

What is that Cisco thing?

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Hi Ayak – The Cisco thing is basically a huge monster of a computer. The sort of thing that only an elitist PC nerd would give his right ‘mouse’ and all his ‘back up devices’, to get his cables onto.

It’s like the ultimate red Ferrari for computer geeks. A pointless metaphorical phallic symbol of computer hardware power and supremacy, over just about every other sad romantically challenged, misogynous computer geek on the planet.

‘Cisco Systems’ are a huge U.S. leviathan in the corporate computer systems universe, and they were trying to expand their brand awareness into the home PC market, with this ironic piece of dry humoured promo/advertising video, on the back of the Valentines Day thing.

They can afford to have a laugh at themselves and the whole culture of home computer power and PC geekdom in general.

My Pc’s a…’1’ Donkey Bite – Abacus, by the way.

Providing we don’t stop doing the shifts to dangle the carrots in front of its nose – ‘touch sugar cubes’ – it seems to just about keep trotting around in circles ok. xx

Ayak said...

Oh...OK. That's clearly why I didn't know what it was. Thanks. I now see the humour in the video. I like the first one too...simple but clever.

Bish Bosh Bash said...

It's a gooden isn't it Ayak. Must have taken a great deal of patience and effort to put it all together. Hope it was originally a one to one Vallentine's message!

Huberaime said...

Thank you Phil for your comment on my blog.
I like your work as well, it's varied and pleasant and I'll come back soon. I also love Nathalie's work,
but I wouldn't make friends with everybody among her contacts. Some must be such a bore...
Looking forward to hearing from you. Huberaime

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Bon Soir Huberaime! et vous êtes très bienvenus.

I was glad to find you earlier over at Nathalie's blog. Yes, she has got an excellent blog hasn't she.

And she knows how to capture an interesting picture that really tells a story. I look forward
to visiting your site again very soon and spending more time looking through all your wonerful images.

Thank you for your kind comments too.

Have a good evening.

A bientôt.

The Sagittarian said...

The "V" word was not uttered at all in our house...thankfully. (Altho' Ernie left me an almost dead mouse in appreciation).

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Hi Sadjy Wadjee! Aaaaah, three cheers for Ernie then. After all...'Its the thought that really counts'.

You and Mr Ernie need to take a good look at this brilliant cat and mouse video, and have a bit of a bop to the music at the same time...why don't you.

P.S. It promises a happy ending for everyone by the way......except 'Ernie'! xx

The Sagittarian said...

My boy just goes straight to 'kill' mode, I live in constant fear that he will be stolen by the CIA and sent to Afghanistan as he is so efficient.

Gorilla Bananas said...

It looks like an extremely ugly chest of drawers. I'm just glad that it's not made of wood.

Bish Bosh Bash said...


(‘Gorrilla’ for short Mr Bananas, just in case my cheesy attempt at blogwit didn’t ‘penny drop’ with you in the first micron of a nano second) (But only ‘Just in case’!) (and P.S. in brackets…the ‘kong’ part doubles as a thinly veiled gesture of respect to your spectacular erm… ‘largeness’…ahem – ‘just in case’ you are in any way sensitive to that ‘short’ word thing.)(…and any way, I wouldn’t want you getting all irked up at your very first visit to my blogette and swinging back over here by turbo vine to tear up all the large trees outside my cave.)

And thanks for helping me here to use up my full ‘brackets ration’ for the whole of Blogga Year!

And now…to your comment…Yeah Kongy. Agree!

It certainly is one ugly monkey of a chest of drawers. Although in about ten year’s time, IKEA will probably glue a white melamine door on the front of it and promote it as “The Terabyte of Drawers – ‘Probably the Biggest Storage Space in the World’, for £49.99”

Thanks for your comment Kongy Wongy – Swing back soon.

I bought my return ticket to your formidable jungle kingdom a few weeks ago, but my canoe sank on the way back. In the process of carving out another balsa tree as we speak, so I’ll be paddling back very soon.

Enjoy your bananas…

John Going Gently said...

just found your blog
had a chuckle

not bad for s sunday night

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Thank you John..and welcome to my blogette sir. I appreciate your comment, and if a chuckle it brought, then it's a chuckle warmly shared on an otherwise cold and frosty sunday evening!

Just in the middle of editing a new blog post as I write this, so hopefully you'll have some new chuckles to feed off very soon. Keep in touch and have a good night John.

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