Saturday, 18 December 2010

Recipe for 'Turkish Lamb & Lemon Soup'...

I stumbled across this stunning recipe which originates from Asia Minor some twenty years ago, and I've been cooking it on and off ever since. In our household it still ranks as the all time undisputed heavyweight champion 'King of the world Soups', and in all my Poirot esque recipe hunting's, I've never tripped over this or a similar recipe since. This is the  tidied up version. Serve as a main course soup on any occasion with really tasty chilled lager. Enjoy.
Click on the recipe image to enlarge or print off.


Ayak said...

There must be Turkish name for this one I'm sure, but I don't happen to know it. It does sound delicious though.

I don't know if you are aware that the Turks always serve soup...any kind...with wedges of fresh lemon which they then squeeze into the soup before eating...along with crushed red pepper. I sometimes wonder if they can actually taste the soup though.

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Funny - I've just tried googling 'turkish lamb & lemon soup' to see if I could start to turn up some authentic historical info on the origins of this recipe and guess what came up at the top of the results list? .... 'Me!' at my blogsite. Ha ha! Anyway I've just had a look at my site and I can't find any more useful information to help us both here, so I've sent myself an email. I'll let you know when I get a reply. I can testify to it being delicious though. Definitely yummy.

Ayak said...

Well you got me puzzling over this one and my husband has just arrived home and I asked him if he knew what this soup was called and he told me.

Now I'm not going to tell you because I've just googled it...found the recipe in Turkish and google translated it...and the translation is so funny so I'm going to do a post on my blog about it. I'll also link to your blog and recipe here too...if that's ok? (Your version is much easier to understand)

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Outstanding piece of detective work 'Sheryak'. Way to go Mr A! Can't wait to see the real deal version over at you and yours. And yes, please go ahead with the link. I'll set up a paypal account right away and stay up late tonight to sign a couple of hundred copies of my recipe here. I reckon £5 a copy plus p&p - and I'll split the profits with you 90/10. Off to practice my thumb print then...

Ayak said...

Phil it seems the genuine article is made with trotters probably because meat is expensive here.

It's called Paça....I've now posted the translated version on my blog...enjoy!

(We can discuss the profits later!)

Bish Bosh Bash said...

To hell with goats trotter soup and ‘pants on fire’ - my ‘Irons’ bristling more than just slightly!! And as for ‘Pants’….

“You owe me a new loin cloth!!”

After I spent an hour rummaging around in that dark old basement of yours last night, looking at a bunch of your oldest dustiest posts, my torch finally packed up, which was my cue to leave.

Stubbed my toe on that anvil you dumped down there, walked into a wall that wasn’t there earlier, then tripped bum over tip into that stack of old pots and pans you keep at the bottom of the stairs. What a din that made! Nearly gave me a heart attack.

Eventually groped my way to your coal chute, ascended through the hatch into your back yard once more, and came face to face with - your dogs. Not good. Badly in need of an escape plan, I lobbed the torch over their heads, and as they bolted off after it in one direction, I belted off in the other.

They’re pretty quick though aren’t they! By the time I got to your boundary, they were nearly at my heels again. As I vaulted over your garden wall I distinctly remember feeling at least one wet nose and a pair of paws on my right buttock. By the time I’d landed in your neighbours compost bin on the other side, I was stark naked!

When I peered back over the wall to see what all the growling and commotion was all about, there were your two dogs engaged in a manic tug of war with what was left of my loin cloth! It was about then that your neighbours light came on and I decided to make another hasty exit into the dark.

What a night. Didn’t get back home until just before dawn this morning, wearing nothing more than a dustbin liner I nicked off a blog in Albania (?) on the way back.

Next time I’ll bring more throwing sticks…and a fast scooter. You still owe me a new loin cloth though Ayak!!

You can keep the torch though. As it’s broke now. Hmmph.

Say ‘woof’ to Beki & Poppy for me. The buggas.

P.s: What a very funny and totally original post Ayak. We’ve all just been falling about here. Brilliant idea to ‘Googleate’ it. Thank you so much for your great big ‘plug’ here, and your very kind comments to mine too. What a lovely thing to do.

I’m just chuffed I tripped over your great big blog in the first place, we clearly don’t take ourselves too seriously and we all share the same sense of humour.

I find that humour – apart from being very subjective – is such a great filter for determining future social chemistry. Thanks for sharing yours with me. You’re a star.

I’ve gotta go cook something for my tribe right now. They’re starting to wail. I’ll be back later for another rummage around downstairs. But only if I can see the dogs are tied up from behind the wall.


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