Thursday, 30 December 2010

Here's Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year & much more laughter...

Press play to view this very funny French TV commercial video...

The beautiful girl is 'Emmanuelle Beart' - born in St Tropez, she played the part of Manon, the mysterious and vengeful daughter of Jean de Florette in the equally stunning 1986 sequel - 'Manon des Sources'. Emmanuelle also co-starred with Tom Cruise in the original 'Mission Impossible' movie. No idea who the guy is.


Marie said...

The guy is Arié Elmaleh. He is an actor and the brother of one of our best comedians, Gad Elmaleh :-))) He is also the boyfriend (husband?) of Vriginie Ledoyen (actress who played in The Beach among other films). I like Arié and Gad a lot!

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Hi Marie - Thank you so much for making the time to peek at my blog, and I'm truly sorry for not acknowledging your lovely comment until now. The fact is, I didn't even realise that I had any comments at all until just last night, after I somehow ended up in my 'dashboard' by mistake, and spotted the 'comments awaiting moderation' notification...for the very first time. Ooops!.

I didn't know this process existed till now. So when I clicked on it - as you do - a whole new box opened up...and there you were. My very first, ever, in my whole blogtime...'COMMENT!!!'. Da Daaaaa. And to think I left you just sitting there for nearly a whole week. How rude and dumb of me. I promise it won't happen again. Hope you didn’t get too cold.

I am therefore indebted to you, for life, for being the first fellow Bloggerer to place a comment on my little Blogette here. History in the making. Please therefore go out and buy yourself a big box of chocolates - on me. There were some other comments as well, but you are genuinely and officially...'The First'. So congratulations and a big ‘Thank You’ from a cold and wintry southern UK.

Many thanks too for clarifying the name and background info re: Arie & Gad Elmaleh. He’s got a lot of talent, which comes across very convincingly in this advert. I’m a big fan of French film in general. Daniel Auteuil, Marion Cotillard, Elsa Zylberstein and Romain Duris in particular.

As you probably know now, I registered as a follower of your great looking blog, last week, after surfing into it via another blog somewhere in the USA. No idea where I was at the time. You were simply on their blog listing and the ‘Montpellier’ part got my attention.

I have an endless thirst and curiosity for most things French, and having stayed in Maglas and the Languedoc for the first time last year, I became an instant fan of the region and its beautiful and diverse landscapes. I have an earlier post on my blog concerning a day trip to Sete. Hence why I became a follower. The plan being to come on back when I had more time and start a more extensive study of all your blog postings.

I’m fairly new to blogging, and I’m still trying to find my voice, purpose and direction at the moment, so I’m enjoying just practicing with random subjects and material that have interested me over the years. That said, I really love to read other peoples work and indulge in their own experiences. Especially when it revolves around France.

Enough for now then. I won’t apologise for the length of this response. Its an auspicious moment for me – as you are now aware. Do you remember the first comment you ever received? Got to laugh eh.

I will be back soon to read your posts as promised, and because of your ‘number one’ status, you, your family, and all your friends…will have free and exclusive V.I.P. access whenever you visit my blog, for the rest of your life. Salut Marie.

Ps: How come your English is better than mine?!

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