Saturday, 9 July 2011


Guess what this 'post haste' is all about then??

“…Four red lights…Five red lights……No red lights!!...AND ITS GO GO GO!!!!!..”








EEEEEEEEOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  www ww w… uhhh w..uh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhhh bish bosh bonky wonky smash…….


Still a big nope?

Okay - give you a clue – It starts when all the lights go out and it ends at a waved chequered flag?

And it’s got naff all to do with a cats choir.

Great bunch of F1 music montage videos below here.

And if you enjoyed the haunting 'deep down south' ballad by Johnny Cash that 
accompanied the above video, you might want to take a look at his original 
video version here. The video visuals & image slide show alone are a work of art.
Seriously not floating your boat still?…no problemo – try this one then …

And if you kinda liked the soundtrack to this short 're-mix' video...well here is the link
                     to the original Kanye West stunning ballet scene  music video which promotes an
 excerpt from his visually sensual film... 'Runaway'.

 Annnddd! - if  you want to fast forward to the 'ballet scene in full' ...
it begins around 10.52 on the video slider bar. 
Open your mind a little.  Enjoy...

Very seriously still not getting your boat there even a little bit wet?....Well try this one too then...

And if you're still not entirely convinced at this point, well "Boo Suck" to you then, cos it's that July month megga event thing that has always rocked my universe, and my much anticipated annual pilgrimage to my own personal Mecca & Medina in a pretty rural part of middle England is nigh on nigh and now only one more night away !!

 Allah is Good, Allah is Good…but if it rains at Silverstone this weekend, well, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button will probably prove to be just as divine & spiritual as he is, assuming their respective home GP luck holds out. I hope so anyway, even if this little tome ends up costing me a bit of a Fatwa with my neighbours from downtown Aqaba.

More on me, racing cars and a great many associated adventures and misadventures another time perhaps.

And now for a much needed beer commercial  break – If you’re a bit of a Geezer, you really, really, need to take a gawp at this. No...I mean you really really really really need to - Capiche?!

"...and the Oscar for 'best celebrity blonde in a completely unpretentious role'......
Goes to..."
Okay...that's the end of the commercial break part - where was I ??

Oh yup, here I was…So if you really really really absolutely detest the sound of F1 racing cars, then stick your headphones on, turn up the volume and click to listen to this beautiful selection of birdsong I recorded sometime earlier.

Don’t worry in the slightest about the misleading image of an F1 racing car on the cover of this YouTube video, I just don’t happen to have any images of birds and fluffy baby kittens in my extensive photo collection. Just ‘relax’ put your head back and...delight in the natural sounds of the Northamptonshire countryside in July. I lied a bit.

So if you’re a Brit…’Hoist the Colours’, nail them to the mast, and in the bestest of very patriotic nods to the undying spirit of the British Admiralty’s onetime terms of engagement with the enemy and thus, ‘articles of war’, to all serving warship Captains and Commanders of the British fleet during the earliest days of our 19th century’s Royal Naval history…

”Sir - You are hereby ordered, from this day forward, to pursue and bring to battle, all enemies of his most honorable and glorious Majesty – HRH. King George, wherever, or who so ever they may be, and thence sink, burn, or take them prize. This will remain your most sworn and solemn duty, in the name of the King.”

And so for all those who are about to live right out there on the edge this Sunday afternoon at the much revived and hugely revered Silverstone Race Circuit – I most respectfully and humbly salute you.

Advanced Warning: This is just a little filler ‘postette’ for today. I’m still trying to finish painting and decorating another slightly longer blog post to nail up over the weekend.

No really !

P.S.   Don’t waste your time blogging me on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, cos there’s absolutely no chance in hell what so ever that I’ll ever hear you for all the racket the F1 race cars will be making on my Tv. And anyway…I’d only completely ignore you anways.

No matter what your fancy and in spite of me and one of mine this weekend – have a good one…seriously - Phil.


Steve said...

A bird wot farts. That's positively Shakespearian, man. But soft. What light from yonder window doth break? It is Juliet lighting one of her farts, innit.

You, Dr Phil (can I call you doctor, Phil?), are a real tonic.

Sadly, I need a gin.


the fly in the web said...

So, attracted to your blog by the pole vaulting for turtles label...what do I find?

You're enjoying yourself!

Where's 'enjoyment' in the 'articles of war'might I ask?

Mr. Fly has just manifested a sudden interest in the trappings of motor have revealed heretofore unknown facets of the sport...blast you!

Bish Bosh Bash said...


Chapter One:

Thought you’d home in on that pole vaulting turtle one! Right up your beach isn’t it. Funny, I got quite carried away while I was typing out that whole ‘label’ tag thingy there. Properly amusing myself I was, and then Blogger stepped in and gave me the red card treatment by reminding me about the 200 character limit in that particular box. Took me about ten minutes to delete all the excess text. Bluddy Blogga.

As to your “Where's 'enjoyment' in the 'articles of war' might I ask?” – Now that’s a very good question indeed Fly. Take me a week to fully explain where I was really coming and going from with that one. In its simplest sense, it just refers to each race car team’s plan of attack/method statement at every race, to beat their competitors (the enemy) at any cost. It’s often referred to as ‘the articles of war’.

In another but more figurative sense, it was a kind of personal reference to ’Jonathon E’ - the rebellious anti hero of the 1970’s dystopian sci fi film ‘Rollerball’ set in the corporate owned and thus monopolised world of 2018. If you’re not already familiar with the films plot, ‘Rollerball’ is basically an inter country, violent version of roller derby and is designed to satisfy the natural blood lusting of humanity and thus negate the need for war, and so on. Much to the growing consternation of the corporate moguls who own and run ‘The Game’ - as it is known – Jonathon E’s legendary player status and wider global popularity at large, threatens to out shine the very game itself. And the nasty old energy corporation plutocrats just can’t allow the emergence of a popular people’s hero ‘Robin Hood/Che Guevara type ‘individual’ to rise to the bigger stage. So they contrive to have him killed off on camera in the game itself, by constantly modifying the rules of ‘The Game’ (articles of war) to make it ever more difficult for him to survive and so on…and so on…and so on…

Chapter Two:

Resonations with today’s 2011 society, Murdoch and the ruling plutocracies, social frustration and all the thinly veiled anger that simmers just below the surface, a growing contempt and mistrust for authority at large and for many, a feeling of complete impotence to be able to actually do anything about it all, without resorting to violence on the streets…yadda yadda yadda.

Well you did ask. Bet you wished you’d offered to do all the towns ironing instead now, don’t you!

Anyway…what precisely ‘was’ your question?

Delighted Mr Fly is fast converting to Formulae-Oneity. I’ll make him into a born again pit lane groupie yet. You just see. So blast and blast and blast away…why don’t you!

Bish Bosh Bash said...

“Oh Stevio Stevio?” …“It is but surely the east of Eden, and Juliet is the sun shining out of your arse.”

Funny, I knew you’d enjoy that vid. It’s a bit of a good’n isn’t it! I just can’t picture her performing ‘The Dance of the Flaming Arseholes’ with a tightly rolled up copy of today’s edition of the NOTW burning brightly out of the general region of her buttocks.

Call me anything you like Steve, “Doc” “Dic-Doc” “Dickety Doc” “Doc-Dic” “Doccy Woccy”…or even Doris if you want. I’ve been called so many things in my life, but very rarely my real first name! So any or all of the above are pleasant plus for me. Hope you got to sling plenty of that old ‘Mothers Ruin’ stuff down you last night.

the fly in the web said...

So just for getting Mr. Fly in a lather I've nominated you for a little project on my blog....
No, not just for revenge.....

Valerie said...

*sigh* Really, Phil? Off to read one of your posts with bigger words. :P

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Fly-Rica-Hi: A little project eh? Well I dashed over earlier with my DIY toolbox, assuming you just wanted me to fix the roof on your 'pissoir' again, only to find that you've right and royally ambushed me this time.

Good and proppa too by the looks of it. I've only got about four posts anyway. Can't I just do this link thing about my comments instead? Make it so much easier?

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Valerie: *sigh*...Yeah I know. Just what I said when I sobered up on monday. Shallow leggy things please shallow liggle minds eh. That's what happens when Google, Yahoo, Free Dictionary an Spell Check all shut me out of their sites for a weekend see. Wine was epic though. Straight up. P.

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