Tuesday, 11 January 2011

"Pooh in the box".

This is a convenient 'tidy box' which is designed to help and encourage dog owners to dispose of their doggy pooh and keep the park clean for one and all intelligent species and even pikey's to enjoy.

The problem is that our local council has to keep replacing these boxes with new ones on a regular basis, because some dumb owners of large dogs keep lifting their doggy's up and sitting them precariously on top of the box, so they can 'do their thing' straight inside - and thus save the owner the trouble of picking up their doggy's pooh with a 'pooh scoop' or plastic bag - which of course they don't have anyway.

Most large dogs become quite a bit agitated after being picked up and dumped unceremoniously on top of these pooh bins, often resulting in spectacular displays of extremely noisy, violent and frantic wrestlings as their owners struggle vainly to secure their canine cherished ones in place and remain looking cool and in control at the same time, while under the gaze and cheery heckling of the few dozen greatly amused spectators who have just beamed in from nowhere - to be rewarded with the sight of the 'pooh box' collapsing under all the strain, the owner sprawled over the wreckage as 'doggo' bolts off triumphantly out of sight to the other side of the county, to complete his needs less publicly under his favourite tree.

And here's another installment of Simons Cat in...."Let me in!" This is so similar
to the internal glass door we have that leads from our lounge to the porch, I fall
about every time I see this video, cos its just like our tabby cat Taz looks when
he lets himself in the front door.

Simon Tofield's animations are sheer brilliance and as cat lovers, we're all devoted fans.

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