Sunday, 5 June 2011

More Mooers, Music, Thunder, Rain, Frogs & A World Exclusive Gadget Launch!

More of my favourite Mooers

So Okay.. what is actually new in this blog den after all this time then Phil? 

Well, I’ve introduced a weekly ‘featured music video’ at the top of the sidebar which ‘autoplays’ every time you open up a new blog post page – which means you’ve got to act swiftly with your mouse’s and hit the pause button if it either irritates you – or – you want to listen to another music video. Although at the time of posting here, my Herbie Mann music video at the top of my sidebar has temporarily decided 'not' to autoplay. So I'll have to get the spanners out later and fix that one too.

I’ve also installed alot of new music videos of the varied kind that ‘I’ like - in the sidebar here, but lower down.

A genuine – ‘World Exclusive’ - prototype dedicated ‘nature sounds’ player gadget on test right here on this very Blogdom Blogger Den, and nearing its final stages of research and development by its original owner and designer – ‘Andris’ – of:

I’ve been badgering Andris for some months now to develop a dedicated nature/environmental sounds widget/gadget for use in Blogger Blogs, to allow users to contrive and compose their own ambient sound loops to either play softly in the background of your blog or a specific blog post – or – simply to add another audio mood dimension to a given story…and so on. It's a pet audio/ambiance/white noise subject of mine.

And sooooo...."HERE IT JOLLY WELL IS THEN !!" Appearing for the very first time ever on a Blogger Blog anywhere in cyberspace, is the maiden launch of the firstest ever, truly dedicated, prototype loop soundtrack player widget composition entitled..."A Rainy Thundery Day - with backing vocals by 'The Chirping Frogs'!!!"  

Be Amazed! Spread the Word! Tell all your Friends! and yes ok really was nice knowing you, even if ever so briefly.

Go on then...PRESS IT!!

The master plan is actually to be able to go to Andris's wonderful website and contrive your own nature sound loops - just as you can already by the way - but then save them to a player gadget/widget like the prototype virgin version shown above, which is coded for use on Blogger HTML gadget pages. Then, if you're into this sort of audio thing, you can play it in the background to accompany a post, or just place it in your sidebar and play it while you blog post to yourself in the evenings.

Thanks for all your hard work to date Andris and for responding so enthusiastically to all my begging’s and pleadings! You’re a star and may you go far.

That's all for now. Sorry it's bin a while since my last postings, but I am right now today, in the final stages of assembling a bit of a marathon blog post to lift the spirits and make up a bit for lost time over these past weeks - even though it will probably require most people to have several re-visits to read through it all.

 Adieu pour maintenant then. 


Steve said...

By 'eck lad, but I can't hear owt at all. Happen me hearing aid is bust or me internet explorer settings are in nanny state mode. All I can hear is me own cussing and that's probably natural enough for me and mine.

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Steve: Hear you loud and clear. Thanks for looking in here though. Come back and play with the toys when ever it all works better for you. The Mooers just said a great big friendly "Mooooooo!" to you too by the way.

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